PIA 46 Passenger Flights: Audit Report

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is working on a variety of routes, it faces a huge loss for the 46 flights.

PIA audit report, the national carrier, they do not buy a ticket for a passenger works since 46 Gokcen.

These flights do not have passengers from the federal capital.

According to the statistics presented in the report, these routes are worked until the year 2016-2017.

The report says that 46 flights to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia), has about 36 flights left without a single-board passenger.

In this regard, the PIA, millions for the Pakistani rupees 180 huge losses and suffering.

So far, no request for space in different directions, which was to be sent to the survey was launched mandatory.

In this case, no information on a passenger's manager that drought or develop a plan that will save millions of contact with relevant senior officials should also be mentioned.

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