Pakistan will continue to raise its voice for Kashmiris: Firdous

Special Assistant for Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous comedian Awan Pakistan of the Kashmiri people the right to self-determination, and to continue to make the voice of a permanent position.

Kashmir Youth Solidarity Conference in Islamabad Friday to face the world with the worst form of violence in Indian state terrorism and Kashmir, says that children need to hear the sobs and necessary.

Special Assistant to the Minister of Imran Khan Kashmir Ambassador to Heal Kashmir Injuries and Child Protection, said. He was prime minister, the situation in occupied Kashmir, they said it is necessary to communicate with the customer in the major capitals.

He came as defenders of human rights, should support says that the oppressed people of Kashmir. He Kashmir human rights organizations, media and UN agencies were arrested in the homes of people who do not have access to the valley he had become the largest prison in the world.

On the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohammad Kesben not as representative of the Pakistan Tome Valley Stability Ministry for several measures insider said.

In India, the Foreign Service representative for information on the situation of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir has become a central issue in that volume.

Pakistan's human rights activities until the end of the sufferings of Kashmiris Tome and Kashmir, significantly affect the state of the earth to ensure that all possible methods to accomplish, he said.

Sao Tome Valley

Kashmir Valley Kashmir today 47 days and was under strict military heat and continue to suffer.

the military deployment of India as a threat, forcing people to stay at home.

According to the continuation of the blockade of the valley in a dangerous situation even more. To meet the needs of disabled residents in their homes every day are facing difficulties.

milk, baby food, medicines and products that save lives, as all the more important to remember people from the lack of food and the humanitarian crisis in the valley.

the valley of the transport way and the normal end of life in shops, markets, commercial establishments and educational institutions also became handicapped.

Authorities on the Internet and mobile communication services, including a stopping of the means of communication and the Kashmir Valley and Jammu remained closed in most Muslim TV channels.

The Indian government several mosque prayer leaders had been arrested in recent months began a crackdown. for the voluntary surveillance of mosques.

Indian policemen, religious brothers and have blocked their bank accounts to see the details.

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