NAB determined until the end of corruption: President NAB

The National Office of Accountability (NAB) over the past 22 months, including the various responsibilities that 600 corruption in the courts, NAB President Justice (ret) Iqbal Javed said.

NAB surgery, prosecution, training, research, understanding and prevention, who chaired a meeting to review the work of the company's services, but the NAB opposed the elimination of the threat of the effective anti-corruption strategy, he said.

It applications and performance compared to the same period of 2018-2019, almost double.

This link 1,210 corruption estimated at about Rs900 billion any liability under judicial investigation, he said.

So far, the Office of Justice Javed Iqbal income tax and sales tax against members of the business community has not been followed, he said.

NAB, he chaired a meeting during his visit to the precursors headquarters of the regional branch of business against traders, said it would be referred to the Federal Law Council.

In the development and prosperity of the country, and said that he played the role of the backbone of the business community and worthy of respect.

It is NAB business and to solve the problems facing the business community as a priority.

NAB chairman of the office headquarters and the business community to focus on solving the problems of the fully functional regional offices created some of the cells, he said.

NAB, all bureaucrats, including self-respect, it is said that he wants to destroy the threat of corruption.

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