If the court rejects the application Rana Sana online

Pakistan Narcotics Control Court, Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) Punjab President Rana Sanaullah rejected the request for an undertaking.

According to information, the case against the special service is not accepted by the court, Khalid Bashir.

However, the Court approved the guarantee, the five co-defendants, namely, Usman, Envar, Umar Farooq, Rustum Ali and Sibtain, more than 2 -Leyks charges.

He was in jail when medical treatment because of the former Drug Narcotics Prosecutor (ANF) The Punjab Minister argued in court, can not be pledged.

Sana, a lawyer for his lawsuit against his client is the plaintiff claimed to have witnessed the ANF.

ANF ​​said there was no concrete evidence against his client and Rana Sana was also arrested, there is no information on the reason for his detention, he added.

Last week, the head of the PML-N judicial interim Rana Sanaullah for 14 days.

Information about a drug trafficking case, judicial detention Rana Sanaullah ANF issued after the court hearing.

wife Rana Sanaullah and her son-in-law, who participated in the court. But the former president of the Punjab Assembly Rana Iqbal Rana Sanaullah to express his solidarity with the court.

Federal Minister Sanaullah's attorney at the hearing, the court said that should tell the story.

An anti-narcotics force from Pakistan on Saturday extended the remand court in Lahore, Gilani (N) MNA Rana case of drugs smuggled in 14 days, Sanaullah.

On September 28, the court ordered the officers of the anti-narcotics army to produce it.

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