I Kashmir crisis, the President expressed gratitude for the support of the Turkish Government:

President Dr. Arif Alvi India, not only for the management of regional and global peace is in danger, but also the social fabric of India.

He is here in Islamabad on Friday to discuss with Turkish media representatives.

The President wants India's nuclear button with his thumb and Hinduzing bruises said the persecution of minorities in India and India.

He can not wait to respect the basic rights of the people of Gujarat butcher of Kashmir, he said.

India, Kashmir, Palestine, Israel and stressed that similar violence.

There people can not be banned by the authorities and India, said freedom envelops struggle in Kashmir.

in trying to answer the question, the President of Pakistan for peace, but if war is imposed on us, we will respond with force.

He Anniversaries Hindutva-India diet, fervent religious attitude impressed, and not only what is happening in Kashmir, India has expressed its pursuit.

Arif Alvi India said today minorities live in constant fear of persecution.

Dr. Arif Alvi has made eight million Kashmiri soldiers in police custody illegal for the last six weeks, almost at that time.

It is the international community for the restoration of civil rights and freedoms of Kashmiri people, India, to persuade stressed the need to be a part of it.

India stressed the actions of the Turkish illegal mass media, to understand the role of President, he Tome Kashmir hoped to continue working to improve the voice of vulnerable people.

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