2 meeting with Nazimabad police shooting dacoits

A two-athlete ski service in the Nazimabad area of ​​Karachi was killed in a near-ground Eidgah encounter, but he was hit.

According to the details, the party in the police control of everyday as they approached Eidgah motorcycle motorcycle met, met a group of athletes.

Meeting, a police officer was martyred and two daciots died on the spot.

.Pages Central Arif Aslam Rao, appointed in 2014, the Naryn area police inspector killed in Nazimabad area, according to the monitoring and prevention of these crimes serve their brothers and patrol daily Shahmir.

Map dacoits identified as belonging to Baluchistan, Abdul Basit and Habib Khan.

Impossible to take into account their crime, .Pages.

Last month, Rehan, a young man in the southern city of Karachi, Baldia Mawach Goth, against theft.

After local residents tied to an electric pole and the piracy would have been tortured and his clothes, then tried to burn him alive.

Video was shot in the violence that later.

Police torture show, a variety of social media has been filled with the handles after the event.

Rehan was arrested the thief would have been tortured course nasaatmedia and Maqbool, the accused, Saeedabad police said.

According to the suspect entered the house to steal, Rehan Imran.

Rehan, residents are victims of violence and torture, with a drug, Saeedabad fled the scene, according to the police.

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